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What is Sales Funnel...?

What Exactly Is the Difference Between A Website and a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel is a natural Step by Step Approach to Selling Online, by filtering out the customers on each step until you find your Dream Clients.

Sales Funnel is a Step-By-Step Approach to Increase Sales & Revenues

“Would you rather focus your Time and Energy in finding 20% Buyers, Repeat Buyers and Dream Clients OR on 80% junk traffic who never want to give you their money?” If you are like most smart business owners who focus on first 20% then Sales Funnel is perfect tool for you.

what is sales funnel

Sales Funnel works like this:

  • The Hook: AKA Top of the Funnel. Take advantage of Shiny Object Syndrome and create an irresistible offer, a new opportunity or a new idea to use as a hook.
  • Qualify Leads: Filter out 80% of irrelevant traffic by capturing the Email Address of those who are really interested in what you have to offer and want to go along with your journey.
  • Qualify Buyers: Make a low price offer immediately to identify the real buyers from your email list while you keep following up with remaining group through email automation
  • Qualify Repeat Buyers: Connect with your impulsive buyers who would buy anything from you by offering higher ticket items right away.
  • Qualify Dream Clients: Make relationship with your Repeat Clients and find the top 2% of Customers who are your Dream Clients, who you really want to work for and who are essence of your funnel or Bottom of the Funnel.

How Sales Funnels are 4X Better in Generating Sales than Shopping Carts & Websites

A Sales Funnel takes natural approach to selling, exactly the kind of experience a shopper will have walking into a store to buy a niche product. Shopping Carts on the other hand are like a GIANT super store, where you are selling products in BULK. Where as Websites are good at having a web presence(or sharing information) and NOT for selling. If you are serious about selling online then you must build a Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnel

sales funnel vs shopify shopping cart


sales funnel vs shopify shopping cart website

Here is how Sales funnels are different from shopping cart websites

  • Think of Shopping cart as a GIANT Super Store where you find all sorts of products on sale, but no core focus on selling. Your customers are basically lost and on their own, with nobody guiding them through the sales process.
  • Sales Funnel on the other hand is like a Niche Store where Customers only go to buy products in a Particular Niche. It is designed in a way to guide you through the entire sales process like a sales person on a niche store.
  • You as a Sales Person first offer something low cost and inexpensive, just to get customer's attention
  • Once you judge the buying intent you try to upsell them by offering something more expensive to the same customer
  • Once they also buy the expensive product, Upsell them by offering your premier product at much higher price point
  • At the end of the day, you end up increasing your Avg Cart Checkout value by 4X more than your shopping cart website's Avg Cart Checkout Value. So your buyers end up buying more from you and you generate MORE revenues.

WHY InterFunnel is Best Sale Funnel Builder for Your Business?

How InterFunnel has all the tools and features to help you build an effective sales funnel within NO TIME without having any Tech Skills at all

interfunnels builder
  • (Don’t feel handcuffed) Build Sales Funnels without ANY Technical knowledges of creating web pages
  • Helps you Create an Effective Hook and Lead Magnet
  • Helps you build Sales Funnels to sell effectively online
  • Helps you build Upsell Pages to sell more to the same customers
  • If you can Drag & Drop, you can create sales funnels
  • Makes Accepting online Payments a breeze
  • Helps you follow up with your leads automatically by Email Marketing Automation
  • Helps you create a learning and thriving community of students with Membership Sites

Create Highly Effective Hook and Lead Magnet with InterFunnels

  • InterFunnels helps you easily create an effective hook or a lead magnet.
  • Choose from dozens of proven and working lead capture templates
  • Drag & Drop pre written (sales copy) and pre designed elements on your lead magnet
  • Tell your Story using strategically placed Video to inspire your audience to take action
  • Use Effective Call to Action and inspire your audience to share their email address and other information with you
  • Display Testimonials as a social proof of your offerings and how you helped others change their lives
  • Offer Single Click Optin through Click Popups
lead magnet for sales funnel

Build High Conversion Landing Pages & Sales Page with InterFunnels

  • InterFunnels helps you effectively sell your products and Services Online
  • Build High Conversion landing pages and Sales pages in minutes
  • Change Content inside your sales pages like a word processor
  • Drag & Drop pre written copy and pre designed elements to inspire your visitors to take action
  • Choose from dozens of proven and working lead capture templates
  • Strategically Place CALL to Action inside your Sales Funnels and inspire your audience to take action
  • Create Time Sensitive offers through Count Down Counters

Increase your Cart Checkout Value by Offering UPSELL & DOWNSELL Products

  • Sell More to same customers by offering multiple UPSell
  • Never Lose a Sale by lowering your offerings & prices through DOWNSELL
  • Avail last chance to sell through Exit Popups
  • Create Urgency and attract more buyers through Count Down Counters
  • Communicate with Upsell Buyers through SEPARATE welcome email for each Upsell
  • Offer Special Membership modules to buyers of a particular UPSELL
what is upsell
membership software for training funnels

Build a Thriving Community or Online Learners with Membership Site

  • Offer Online Trainings & Course with Membership Sites
  • Organize your Course in Training Modules
  • Distribute Online Trainings with Video Lessons
  • Drip Feed Content to your members
  • Accept Recurring Payments for your membership sites
  • Build Highly Engaging Community with Discussion Forums

Email Marketing Automation Made Easy…

  • Build Your Email List of Buyers & Prospects at the same time
  • Connect your Funnels with your Favorite Autoresponders
  • Fully integrated with Mailchimp, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Aweber, iContact & Constant Contact
  • Define Autoresponder Actions on Each Landing Page Level
  • Trigger Automated Email Sequence for your leads and follow up with them.
  • Generate More sales by triggering Cart Abandonment Autoresponders
  • Segment Your list into Buyers and Subscribers by implementing Autoresponder Triggers
email marketing automation funnel
recurring billing for membership funnels

Hassle Free Options to Accept One TIME or RECURRING payments

  • Give Multiple Payment options to your buyers
  • Define Packages & Multiple Payment Plans (weekly, monthly, biannually)
  • Accept Credit Card Payments with Stripe and
  • Paypal, 2CheckOut, Skrill and many other fully supported Payment Gateways
  • Accept Recurring Payments for your membership sites
  • Digital Agencies keep Payment Methods Separate for different clients
  • Customizable Order Form with support available for Custom Fields

InterFunnels Saves you lot of money

Let's do the Math

First, let’s tally the costs of other software platforms you used to have to buy. Each one can easily cost over $100 a month as their beginning package. And you don’t even get a full access at this level of membership. So, this easily costs you $100X12=$1200 per year.

With InterFunnels however, your beginner package starts at $39. So you will be paying 12X$39= $468 Per year. That’s a net saving of $732 for you and for full features access. You can save EVEN MORE when you buy our Yearly Plan But the real money saver is the fact that you won't need to pay an army of coders to integrate all those individual solutions. Our programmers have done all the work for you, so everything is already integrated for you straight out of the box.

For a digital agency, InterFunnels is a real money saver. With other platforms, you are forced to create a Separate Account for each client. So if you have 6 clients you will end up paying $100X12X6=$7200 Per year. BUT with InterFunnels you pay a single monthly fee for all your clients.

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