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White Label Marketing Solution for Digital Agencies

Productize your Services and Retain Clients for Longer Time

As a Digital Agency, you are always under great pressure to retain your clients. On average, a digital agency can retain a client for 3 months as per industry statistics.

But what if you can give your clients something so valuable and so essential that they never think about firing you?

InterFunnels Agency Version is exactly what you need. Unlike other Funnel Builders, we look at Digital Agencies as our partners and not as competitors.

We provide you all the essential tools and technologies to manage all your client funnels under a single platform.

digital agency productize your services

Increase Your Service Revenues Through Software Product

Do you find it challenging to explain monthly retainer fee to your clients? Your business cannot survive without a monthly retainer; however, you have to provide great value against a it. Adding a software can increase your monthly retainer value by many times.

  • Retain more service clients by offering them a software that is essential for their success online
  • Hook your customers to a software product that really works
  • Put your services business on a product trac without losing your core business revenue
  • Offer ready to use tools and platform rather than custom developing your product from scratch
  • Start your products journey with help of a company that is already 15 years experienced in creating software products for Digital Marketers

One Monthly Fee for All Your 

If you had 6 different clients, you would be paying for 6 different bills with other funnel builders. Not with InterFunnels Agency Version. You just pay a single fee as an Agency for ALL your clients.

  • Pay once for all your clients and relax. No need to manage multiple billing profiles.
  • Save up to $90 per client account by paying $6 or less per account.
  • Enjoy huge discount with Full Features when you get an agency version.
  • Manage Your Own funnels as well as your client funnels from the same account
  • Scale your business by upgrading your account to add more clients on demand.

Digital Agencies Features

Manage Multiple Client Accounts from Single DashBoard

Keeping track of your client's credentials is a real pain. Luckily with InterFunnels Agency, your client management is easier than ever. You have full control over how you want your client's account to be configured

  • Add / Edit / Delete client accounts
  • Assign permissions and limits to your clients
  • Activate or In-activate accounts with just click of a button
  • See what's going on inside your client's accounts from a single view
  • Pull reports from your client accounts in real time without having to login to each account.
InterFunnels Agency Version

Keep Integration Separate for All Clients

Other funnel builders force you to signup for new account if you have to integrate a new Paypal or stripe account for a new client.Not with InterFunnels Agency Version.

Not with InterFunnels Agency Version. We allow you to keep integrations separate for all your clients.

  • Create multiple payment gateways for each of your client
  • Create multiple autoresponder integrations for each of your clients.
  • Create multiple pixels for each of your clients
  • One client's integrations cannot be seen by others
InterFunnels Agency Integrations

Give your Clients a Unique Dashboard for Stats & Reporting

Your clients need to see the progress of their campaigns and pull reports time to time.

Each of your client will have a unique dashboard of their own. They can login just like any other paid InterFunnels user. They can even create their own funnels.

InterFunnels is committed to our Agency clients and we are transparent about our offerings to you. Your clients will always be yours and we will make sure they get the right support and are treated well while they use our software.

digital agency recurring revenues

Charge Your Clients Whatever You Like

As an agency client, your expectation is to grow your recurring revenues by offering a software product. Unlike other funnel builders, we give you freedom to charge your clients directly as we only charge you once for your Agency account.

  • Set a monthly or quarterly price of your own choosing. Just make sure it is not less than our lowest package offering
  • Setup a recurring billing funnel to automatically charge your clients every month
  • Get notified whenever you receive a recurring payment
  • Get customized recurring billing funnel, developed by our in house team of Funnel Ninjas.
InterFunnels Agency Integrations

Try InterFunnels Free for 14 Days with FULL ACCESS and Immediately Start building Sales Funnels and Landing Pages with Drag & Drop Builder

You have seen what InterFunnels new builder is capable of. It has all the features of our competition, plus it has many unique features of its own. To explore true potential of our Funnel Builder, you have to TAKE ACTION NOW and signup for 14 days trial account. You will only be charged $1 for 14 days. If you are not satisfied with our funnel builder, if you still miss your OLD and EXPENSIVE sales funnel builder after joining our 14 days trial, you can cancel your account any time before 14 days, and we will part like friends. No obligation, no strings attached.


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