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Media Hosting

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Host All your Media and Digital Assets Securely on InterFunnels Cloud

Get Fastest Streaming of Videos & Quickest Rendering of Images Without Paying Extra Cost

How good is pretty looking Video Sales Letter if your video takes forever to buffer? Slow loading pages kill your sales and no matter how beautiful they look, they fail to achieve your single most important goal, which is to maximize your Sales. With InterFunnels, one of the factors our pages load so fast because we host them on Fastest CDNs and cloud servers globally accessible all over the world in quickest possible time.

All Your Media Hosted in One Platform

No Need to Join Different Platforms for Different Needs.

As a Digital Entrepreneur, your different digital assets may have different needs. Such as your images and videos may be hosted on a CDN while your digital downloadable products may be on a secure vault. All these platforms cost you a lot in terms on recurring bills. InterFunnels will help you securely host all your digital assets under one single platform without any extra cost to you.

  • Host Your Videos under your video Library
  • Host Your Images under your image gallery
  • Host Your Downloadable Products -under secure downloads section
  • Create Folders and organize more digital assets

Easy Integration Between Your Funnel Steps and Your Digital Media

Drag and Drop Your Media Inside Your Funnel Step Pages.

Once your digital Media is uploaded, now you must integrate it with your funnel pages and your members area. InterFunnel make it as simple as dragging and dropping.

  • Drag & Drop Your Images inside your funnel steps
  • Drag & Drop Your Videos inside your funnel steps
  • Drag & Drop Your Video Lessons inside your members area
  • Drag & Drop Your Downloadable Products inside your funnel steps or thankyou pages.

Stream Your Videos Directly 
From Amazon S3 Without Any Buffering

Get Rid of Slow Loading Videos Forever.

Nothing annoys your website visitor more than slow buffering videos. It almost instantly creates a bad first impression about your sales page. If you are hosting your videos with other funnel builders, it means you are hosting your videos on a BUSY server which can't keep up with fast traffic you need.

  • No Video Buffering your video starts instantly
  • HTML 5 Player allows your videos to stream faster on all browsers and all devices
  • Video Controls  Turn Off Controls, Auto Play and more
  • Stream Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other Video Network
  • Drag & Drop Video any where you like on a landing page or VSL

Upload Images to your Image Gallery

Experience the Most User Friendly Image Gallery.

Uploading your images from your PC shouldn't be a rocket science. We make it so simple, even a toddler could do it.

  • Organize Your Images into folders and subfolders
  • Upload Images directly from your PC with a single click of a button
  • Include Image URL - from an external website or online image library
  • Insert Images Inside Landing Page with a single click of a button
  • Resize & Reshape Images to your heart’s content

Secure Your Digital Assets Through A Secure Vault

Download Protection Through Secure Login.

Your digital assets are your intellectual property and should not be open for anyone to download without secure access. InterFunnels makes your Digital Products, PDFs & Video Lessons secure from illegal downloads

  • Secure Your Downloadable Products by allowing members only access
  • Secure Your Video Lessons by distributing your courses under secure members area
  • Secure Your eBooks & PDFs by allowing only paid users to pay and read them
  • Turn Off Access any time by un publishing your digital content

Fastest Image Loading For your Funnels and Websites.

Speed Up Your Landing Pages Up to Milliseconds .

For a good landing page, you must host lot of images along with sales copy. But more images mean slower loading landing pages. InterFunnels through its cloud technology makes your landing pages load faster even if you are getting tons of traffic.

  • Speedy Image Rendering from Aamzon’s Cloud CDN
  • Less than 10 millisecond average page load time
  • Give Your Visitors Great User Experience
  • Increase Your Conversion by rendering your pages sooner than your competition

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