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Optin Funnel

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What is an Opt-In Funnel?

You Need a Continuous Supply of New Leads for Your Business to Survive & Grow.

An Opt-In funnels offers you the simplest and quickest way to capture leads for your business. Here is how it works...

  • Step1: Drive traffic from your Facebook Ad, Your Google Ad or from your Webinar to a single OPTIN page
  • Step2: Describe your product or service in form of a Video Sales Letter (VSL) OR use a free give away as a hook to capture the contact details of your target audience.
  • Step3: Connect your subscription form with your favorite Email Autoresponder such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign
  • Congratulations! You have now filtered out the unwanted traffic and have started to grow your own email list.

How Opt-In Funnel Can Help you Get More Leads and Sales

Forget About Creating Long Websites That Give You Zero Leads, Make it Short and Sweet

Old style websites for lead capturing and prospecting new clients are long dead. They don't work anymore. In this age, if you want to capture leads, you have to make Optin Pages. An optin page works like a lead magnet to attract new customers for your products or services. Here are few applicable examples of Optin Funnel.

  • Create a Lead Magnet to attract new leads for your offer
  • Make them an irresistible offer that they would be mostly unlikely to pass on.
  • Offer them Freebies (Such as a free report or an ebook)
  • Offer them unbelievable discounts on your clearance sale products.
  • Capture their Email Address and other contact details
  • Connect your Optin Form with your Email Autoresponder
  • Engage with your leads via Automatic Follow-up Autoresponder Messages
  • Upsell your subscribers to a low price item to immediately filter out buyers from subscribers list.
  • Make relationship with them by sending them a weekly newsletter. Once you have win their trust, you can sell them any thin at any price.

That Sounds Like a Lot of Work! Then What is the Way Out?

InterFunnels Helps You Make This Process Easy by Instantly Creating Opt-In Funnels.

Your InterFunnels account will be equipped with ALL the arsenal you need to quickly and easily create an optin funnel within minutes rather than hours or even days.

All you need is typing skills and some basic computer skills in order to make a high converting Optin funnel for your business or marketing campaign.

  • STEP1: Choose an optin template from our huge collection of high converting free optin template designs
  • STEP2: Copy and Paste your Video Sales Letter (VSL) URL. Your video can be hosted on youtube or inside your InterFunnels Media Gallery.
  • STEP3: Customize Your Template with Drag and Drop Editor
  • STEP4: Connect to Optin Page with your Email Autoresponder via API
  • STEP5: Create Upsell page with just a few clicks.

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Free Opt-In Templates

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Autoresponder Integrations

InterFunnels Helps you Easily Setup 
Email Automation to Establish Trust With Your Customers

Trigger an Autoresponder on Every Action Your Customers Take on Your Funnel.

One of the most important benefit of any funnel is that it helps you establish a bridge between your product and your customers through Automated Email Communication. InterFunnels makes this process so convenient that you can segment your customers to the lowest level based on what action they take on your funnel. Here are some of Email Automation Features InterFunnels Supports.

  • Page Level Auto-Responder Integration
  • Email Marketing Automation with Trigger-Based Autoresponder Actions
  • Keep your Buyers and Subscribers List Separate
  • Retarget Your Subscribers by firing a Separate Facebook Pixel OR Adwords on each page.
  • Configure a Separate Email Sequence for different Customer Groups.
  • Establish trust with your subscribers by sending them weekly or monthly newsletters.

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