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New Version of Interfunnels Just Launched with Some Unique Features That Will Surprise You…

Since its first launch in March 2019, Interfunnels has been continuously working on improving its features and user experience. We have had 2 major overhauls of our Drag & Drop builder and one complete change in our User Interface.

But this time the update is much bigger… And it will surely surprise you.

We would like our loyal customers to absorb the new changes at the same time we want you to know everything about new InterFunnels.

Here are some key changes that have been made

New User Interface

Better Dashboard with more statistics than ever. You can get a bird’s eye view of all the activities of your funnels and you can see your available limits.

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Making money online is not an easy anymore. Gone are the days when you could jump into anything related to online business and fortunes will follow soon after.

But still there are some avenues available for those who have the right skills. The freelancing has created a boom for online job hunters. Its great if you are a freelancer, you can earn, chill at the same time.

Today article is about earning money as a freelancer through sales funnel.

Who is a Freelancer:

A freelancer is a person. Who is self-employed and offers his service for money? He can be from anywhere in the world. You can sit on a beach and still can work. Isn’t it amazing? A freelancer can easily choose their preferred way of working.

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